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Defining the Roles of Advanced Practice Nursing star
Information about Advanced Practice Nursing and the different roles that will fit in for every individual who wants to pursue further their career in nursing. Each one has the choice to make one´s nursing practice meaningful, exciting, and worthwhile.

Look Alike and Sound Alike Medications star
By teaching ourselves, co-workers, and patients, we can prevent drug errors with look alike and sound alike medications.

The Pros and Cons of Digital Charting star
Digital charting can be very challenging to most staff. Learning new icons and format in patient charting can be tedious and time consuming.But a good knowledge and application of time management is important so one can spend more time with the patient at bedside.

Baccalaureate Nursing Education Revised star
AACN announced last February 2007 the revision of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program to meet the growing Health Care Insdustry and to prepare nurses for the 21st century.

Dealing with Patient's Death star
When patients die how do nurses deal with that grief? As nurses, we provide not just professional care, but we care about our patients. Learn some tips to deal with grief and even guilt we feel when one of our patients dies.

DRG's versus Healthcare star
DRG's versus Healthcare, The impact of DRG's on Healthcare.

Empathy is an Essential Skill star
Recent studies show many nurses losing empathy towards others. Come read about ways to enhance empathy through simple presentations, a simple SOAP method to assess your own empathy and reaffirm the importance of trained preceptors for new staff members. Please share you thoughts in the forum.

Fall Risk and Prevention star
Assessment and protocols for protecting your patient from falls.

Finding Quality Employers star
Spending a little time checking into potential employers can lead you to a long and fulfilling professional affiliation. Just as employers check out potential employees, employees should take time to check out potential employers. Come and learn a few tips on where to find important information.

Getting Ahead to a New Direction star
Some tips for those who are planning to change nursing jobs.

Giving Constructive Feedback star
Nurses provide feedback to many people: those they supervise, student nurses and even to patients and family members learning home care skills. But what is the best way to give feedback? Come explore 10 tips to providing effective constructive feedback and tips on perfecting your feedback skills.

Hand Sanitizing Foam star
A quick overview of how using hand foam can reduce infection.

Hazing Issues for Nurses - Don´t Eat Your Young star
Everyone knows at least one nurse who believes it is his/her duty to harass new grads. Unfortunately, this behavior not only hurts fledgling nurses, but also the profession of nursing. So, Don’t Eat Your Young!

Head to Toe Assessment star
How to do an efficient head to toe assessment.

Horizontal Violence and Incivility in Nursing star
What is horizontal violence? Why is a caring profession not nurturing those new to the profession? Let's look at some steps to support those victims of incivility or horizontal violence and improve not only morale but the care we give our patients. Caring for others includes fellow nurses.

Job Hunting for Nurses star
Are you looking for a way to remain in nursing and still balance your work and family life? If so, it may be time for you to go job hunting. Here are some useful tips on finding nursing positions that are “outside the box.”

Mandated Uniforms star
Thoughts on mandated uniforms for nurses.

Medical Home Model star
The Medical Home Model is the standard of care being promoted by the AAFP. What is it and what does it mean for nurses?

Medication Errors star
Medication errors happen to everyone, we are only human. What can we learn from these mistakes? What should we learn?

National Health Care Reform star
Facts and resources to help the professional shape the legislation and debate on National Health Care Reform.

Night Shift Challenges and Rewards star
Working night shift is challenging and yet can be very rewarding. What can be done to lessen the stress and concerns of working opposite others? What about having a social life? What dangers and rewards lurk in the wee hours of the morning? Come and learn of the night owls of healthcare.

Nursing, A Great Choice for a Career Path star
An author´s insight about the nursing profession. She shares her first experience as a registered nurse in a non-traditional setting. This enriching and fulfilling professional experience will lead you to a different level of functionality and rationalization.

Only Two Years of College star
How two years of school can lead to a rewarding career in nursing.

Patient Identifiers star
The Joint Commission requires two patient identifiers to prevent medication errors.

Political Activities for Nurses - Get Involved star
Interested in the legislative process but unsure of how to affect change in nursing practice and the health care system? It’s easy! Just Get Involved...

Reflections on Professional Excellence star
The concept of excellence is the motivation to become the best of everything. Excellence is the condition of excelling, surpassing goodness, virtue or merit.Are you in pursuit of excellence?

Resumes for Nurses star
While most nurses are great at caring for patients, many cringe at the thought of creating or updating a resume. So, here are some tips to get you started…

RNC or BC, A New Distinction for Nurses star
Description about new initals added to registered nurse (RN) title designating additional accomplishment in nursing.

SBAR Communication Tool star
Examples of how to use the SBAR communication tool.

Staffing, Unions, and Some Thoughts star
Thoughts on how non-unionized nurses can protect themselves from unsafe staffing ratios and policies.

The Future of Nursing star
The future of nursing. Where are we going?

The Ten Rights of Safe Drug Administration star
By following the Ten Rights of Safe Drug Administration and asking three questions we can keep patient safety a main focus and goal.

What leads us to Nursing? star
Essay on the paths that may lead to nursing as a career and the challenge of the next generation.

Why Should I Document Education? star
A summary of why documenation of education is important to your profession and what needs to be included.

Working Holidays star
Providing nursing care to patients in need is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year job; working holidays is required. Though working holidays can be hard, successfully combining your work schedule and traditional celebrations takes effort and planning. Come learn a few tips in making it all work.

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