New Lead in Trenton Duckett Case

New Lead in Trenton Duckett Case
There is exciting and hopeful news in the missing two-year-old Trenton Duckett case. A witness has come forward telling authorities she saw Trenton Duckett and his mother on the day of his disappearance at a Wendy’s drive up window. After intensive questioning by detectives, and taking a polygraph test, which she passed, detectives are now comfortable publicizing the lead. The witness later saw Melinda Duckett return to the drive up window, with out her son, around thirty minutes from the first time.

According to police, the witness has a history of remembering names, faces, and conversations long after they take place. The day Melinda drove through Wendy’s police say the witness spoke to Melinda, asking her what the baby’s name was. When Melinda replied, the woman thought Melinda had said Denton. Melinda clarified Trenton’s name by saying to her Trenton, not Denton, Trenton. Admittedly, Trenton is a usual name and would be easy to remember if someone were to say or hear his name.

The woman had not come forward earlier, and only came forward now with encouragement from her family. Police have interviewed the witness, and feel she is credible. Police theorize that Melinda and Trenton drove through Wendy’s for food and then with in the next half hour Melinda may have met up someone and dropped Trenton off. Whether Melinda left Trenton with a friend or sold him to someone is unknown now. The period of thirty minutes leaves little time for much else to happen to Trenton that day. This new lead brings hope to Joshua, Trenton’s father who believes his son is still alive.

Joshua Duckett Trenton’s father and Melinda were going through a bitter custody battle over who would have guardianship of their two-year-old son. Melinda hacked into Joshua’s myspace account and posted a letter written by her, yet made to look like Joshua wrote the letter, threatening Melinda and Trenton’s life. Since Trenton’s disappearance, the truth about more threats has come out and Melinda would threaten to hurt Trenton if Joshua did not do what she wanted. At one point, she allegedly held a knife against his Trenton’s leg. Joshua filed complaints with the Children Protective Services who looked into the allegations of abuse, although they could not confirm any of the threats.

Two-year-old Trenton Duckett missing since August 27 around 9 pm when his mother Melinda Duckett, called police to her Leesburg Florida Apartment, Melinda immediately pointed out Trenton’s bedroom window where the screen was cut open. She says she put him to bed at 7 pm, went into another room watched a movie with two male friends, until nine when she went in to check on Trenton and found him missing. Melinda was not cooperative after that point. She would not take a polygraph test, was vague in answering questions with both police and the media, and probably the most shocking of all she threw out Trenton's sonograms, toys, food, clothes in the apartment trashcan.

Melinda’s story did not add up and the pressure was closing in on Melinda Duckett. On September 8, Melinda Duckett committed suicide by gunshot, at her grandparent’s home, and police named her the prime suspect in Trenton’s disappearance. Melinda left behind four suicide notes. In one of the notes, Melinda refers to Trenton growing up, and police feel this is a sign she did not harm Trenton and he is still alive. Melinda became the prime suspect for police after her suicide.

Police ask if Trenton is in your care find a local safe place to return Trenton. Please help him come home to his family. Police want Trenton home and back with his father. Questions of how or who or why are not important. Finding Trenton is important. Please help bring Trenton home. If you know any details about Trenton’s disappearance please come forward. Even if you think what you know may not be relevant please tell law enforcement and let them decide if it is significant. What you know just might be the key to bringing Trenton home safely! Trenton until you come home safely I am sending you angels every day, angels above you, angels below you, angels all around you to keep you safe.

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