DNA Confirms Remains of Samuel & Lindsey Porter

DNA Confirms Remains of Samuel & Lindsey Porter
The search is over for Samuel and Lindsey Porter of Independence Missouri, both children disappeared after a scheduled weekend visitation with their father, Daniel Porter on June 6, 2004. On September 9, 2007 after receiving a tip, police located human remains. DNA testing identifies the remains are Samuel Porter and Lindsey Porter, the seven and 8-year-old children of Tina Porter have finally come home where they belong with mother.

Daniel and Tina Porter were in the process of divorcing after almost 15 years of marriage, because Daniel was increasingly violent towards his wife. In January 2004, Daniel held a gun to Tina’s head, leading to his arrest for domestic assault with a deadly weapon. He decided to plead guilty. There was a restraining order against Daniel for Tina, but she refused to allow the court to stop Daniel’s visits with his children. Tina never felt her children were in danger when they were with their father.

Daniel received three years probation, with strict conditions regarding his probation. Daniel could not own a gun, use drugs, or drink alcohol during his three-year probationary period. Daniel also received clear instructions from the Judge to complete both an anger management and substance abuse program in that period. No guns meant Daniel could not hunt, and many people believe this might have been the breaking point for the country boy.

June 4 Daniel resigns from the only job he has held in 20 years, at the plastics factory, where he and Tina initially met. On Saturday June 5, Daniel picks up Sam and Lindsey for their scheduled weekend visit. Around midnight on Sunday Tina’s nightmare begins when Daniel starts calling and texting her bizarre suicidal messages. He makes threats that she will never see her children alive again, and tells her to go to a gas station where he has left her a letter. Tina and her sister recover the letter and after trying to find Samuel and Lindsey on their own for a few hours decide to call the Independence Police department.

Although, authorities are familiar with Daniel’s violent behavior, there was very little they could do since no one knew where Daniel was and his custodial visit did not end until 6 o’clock that Sunday evening. Police had to wait and give Daniel the a chance to return his children on Sunday evening at 6 o’clock. When Daniel does not return the children by 6 o’clock that evening the police begin their investigation into Daniel Porter's parental abduction of his two children.

The authorities suspect Daniel might return to his childhood home town of Trenton Missouri and alert local authorities to be on the lookout for him. They nailed it right on the head, Daniel was arrested for a DUI and Independence police were notified of his arrest, yet he was released on bail the next morning before Independence police were able to question him about the children.

The next time police apprehended Daniel he is on a desolate country road sleeping in his truck, when police sneak up on him. Unfortunately, he does not have either child with him. Daniel invoked his Fifth Amendment right, and refused to talk. After awhile Daniel begins talking, yet his stories led police on wild goose chases. The stories constantly changed from his strangling the children, to selling them in a pornography ring to they were still alive and well.

Police begin searching around the area they located Daniel, yet heavy rains and rising creek waters hamper search activities, including working with police search dogs. In the swollen creek bed, the authorities find four guns, one of them registered to Daniel Porter. Daniel remains incarcerated, now convicted on charges of parental kidnapping, terrorizing, owning a firearm while a felon amongst other charges, he will serve 38 years in prison. To this day Daniel Porter refuses to tell anyone what happened to Samuel or Lindsey Porter.

Everyone in Independence Missouri and around the world had hoped for a wonderful homecoming for Samuel, Lindsey, and Tina Porter. Sadly, it has been determined through DNA testing that Samuel and Lindsey Porter are flying with the Angels. I have been following this case since it began in 2004 and prayed that these beautiful babies were safe, soon to be home with their mom. As a mother myself, who has buried two babies, knowing that pain makes it hard to continue going forward on this website. Yet, it is because of Samuel, Lindsey, and Tina that I keep writing.

I cannot begin to imagine Tina’s pain. I have been in complete awe as she has gotten up out of bed up every day to continue to search for her two precious children. I cannot imagine how she will continue to find strength in her journey, but I know she will because Samuel and Lindsey are right by her side. Death cannot stop the true love of a mother and her children; it can only delay it for a while.

Tina Porter I am sending you angels. Angels above you, Angels below you, and Angels all around you to bring you the strength, faith, and courage you need to continue getting out of bed each morning for Samuel and Lindsey. If you would like to leave a message for Tina Porter or make a donation for the family, please visit the website for Samuel and Lindsey Porter.

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